Hi.  I'm Jamie.  I am a father of five wonderful children who is a Google Certified Trainer with a Masters in Education Technology from Azusa Pacific University. I have experience in primary and secondary schools that I utilize to combine the best of classroom pedagogy with the 21st century tools of today. In my current role as a the Director of Technology in Alamo Heights ISD, I come beside administrators and leaders to help create engaging classrooms where technology is the catalyst to promote innovative pedagogy in order to impact student achievement and college readiness!

Education Technology is my interest, hobby, passion and joy. Specialties include iPads in the Classroom (teachers and students), Google Apps (administration, teachers, staff, and students), formative assessment web 2.0 tools, visible thinking strategies, and more.


I hope you find this page of resources, trainings, clips, projects, blogs and other musings useful in your classroom with your students and with your colleagues. This page grows week by week and month by month.


You have my permission to use anything you find here so long as you link back to jamielocklin.com in your presentation or webpage (CC-attribution).  If you have any questions or ideas you would like to share, please email me at jwlocklin@gmail.com or tweet me @jamielocklin.