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Beyond the Browser

In this session we looked at the different browsers out there and were tasked with comparing all the features against each other browser. We looked at extensions, privacy, security, tabbed browsing and more. I was happy to discover that my browser of choice, Chrome, actually won out in my own private comparison. Click here or below to see my full browser matrix comparison.








The thing that pushes Chrome to the forefront in my browser choice is how versatile the browswer actually is.  I am able to install extensions through the Chrome extension store with a remarkable amount of ease.  As I type this I have installed Diigo, Google Drive, Send to Google Drive (as PDF), Save to Google DriveEvernote, QR-Code Tag, Hangouts and Add to Amazon WishList












The last part of our lesson was to explore the features of Skype and then record a trial video call with one of our APU cadremates. I like Skype for it's simplicity and ease of use.  The ability to make a call from Skype to a phone or from Skype to a computer is nice and the quality is pretty good as well.  I have used Skype in the past to talk to family that were on international trips.  The most recent one occured during Superstorm Sandy in the northeast.  My aunt had taken a 30 day trip to Ireland and was schedule to fly back in to the DC area the day the storm hit.  Needless to say, she wasn't flying in there.  Through Skype my wife and I were able to reroute her trip from Rome to DC to make it Rome to London, London to Frankfurt, Frankfurt Houston and get her home in 1 day after United Airlines told her it might be up to a week she would be stuck. 


Below is a tutorial video for Skype (be warned, this guy can be a little annoying--but that's half the fun of this tutorial):

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