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Technology Bingo

As a part of my course requirements for my Masters in Education Technology I was tasked to put together a mini project. For this project I decided to build an idea called "Technology Bingo".  The idea being that teachers need encouragement to integrate technology into their classroom and this gives us a great opportunity to do that!  Check out the sample bingo board below!

As you can see I created a bingo board where each square represents a different challenge in using technology. These challenges range from relatively easy (joining Twitter) to somewhat difficult (creating an iMovie with students).  Most teachers will be unfamiliar with each of these challenges so I have also created a series of "posters" to explain how to complete each challenge.


The goal?  I want teachers to be motivated to integerate technology so that students have an enganging experience and teachers see the true value of how adding technology to their already set curriculum can enhance and transform their assignemnts in ways that they had not previously considered.



From these you can see where this is headed. 25 challenges--some are hard, some are easy--all are worth every second of a teacher's time.  Upon completion of this project teachers will have tried their hand at several tools and the hope is that after that they will grasp onto one or two tools that they think they can use again in their classroom on a regular basis.


If you are interested in seeing all boards that explain each challenge in iPad Bingo, then please click below to see and/or download them for yourself!


Click below to download the Tech Bingo board and/or the Tech Bingo descriptions in Word:



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