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Course Introduction

In the introduction to EDTC 517 we were given general instructions and then reviewed APA, Skype, website builders and then registered our website domains with  

I will start with the fact that APA and I are not friends.  Not even close.  However, APA is a necessary evil in the world of academia so I have dove headfirst into learning it.  Here is what I wrote on the forums for our lesson on APA:


"APA is not my friend.  I get it, usually, but it's so frustrating to spend more time on the details of how in APA then the what we are actually trying to cite.  

In the example given, both citations are correct to the best I can tell.

40 words or more is a longer quotation requiring a block quote.  If it ends in a verb I use a comma before the block quote. If it ends in a complete sentence I use a colon before the block quote.  If it is neither of those two things I put no punctuation before the block quote.

Interestingly enough, I found this on this APA reference site about block quotes.  According to what I read, this is not correct though.  What do y'all think?:

Fontana and Montalbano (2008) write:

Experts have said that the big question is how big the market will become for low-cost computing devices. ULCPCs are attracting interest from governments, schools, emerging markets and developing countries.Microsoft is fighting against emerging interests in using Linux over Wmdows to keep development costs down. The market has seen Everex's recent introduction of its $400 Linux-based CloudBook (p. 12).


I enjoyed all the responses that were received to this question as we determined that, indeed, the example given was wrong as it should have had a comma instead of a colon after the word "write".











After that lesson we moved on to briefly cover an introduction to Skype, Weebly and Wix. Skype is a web video conferencing tool that also allows for voice calls to land line phones in addition to computer to computer calls.  For more on Skype, go here.  Wix and Weebly are both, we edtechs call, what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) website editors that allows anyone to make an amazing website.  For more information on website editors, go here.



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