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Express Yourself in Words

This session was really intriguing to me because it was about two things that I find the most interesting--blogging and Twitter!  I am an avid user of Twitter and I believe every educator should be using Twitter or they will fall behind in their professional development.  My personal/professional learning network (PLN) on Twitter is ever growing and always encouraging me.  Here are some friends to follow.

Those are three of the best educators I can think of to post that you should follow, as well as Andrea Keller who just kills me with her level of work ethic and excitement! To the right-hand side you will see a running feed of my Cadre's hashtag on Twitter for this course.  I am hoping that we can contribute to each other and provide resources through Twitter that will improve each of our classrooms.  If you are new to Twitter, then just watch this video below about the power of Twitter wtih your PLN.

As for blogs that are worth my time educationally, there is none better than the ones I have listed below (in order of how much I find them useful:


  1. Educator's Technology

  2. Two Guys and Some iPads

  3. Teacher Cast

  4. Matt Gomez Blog (kindergarten teachers)

  5. Teachbytes

  6. Edutopia Blog

These really are some of the best blogs that provide me LOADS of information to pass on or to use on my own blog. You can also view my blog here.


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