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Website Building 101

Our sesssion this week was all about Website Building.  Unlinke classes I have taken in the past this focused on WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors of HTML ground up building.  The three websites editors we looked at were Weebly, Wix, and WordPress.









The first editor I tried out was Weebly. I found Weebly very easy to use and really simple to understand.  I believe Weebly is an excellent editor for beginning website makers with on experience.  As a WYSIWYG editor it was the easiest to quickly choose a template that looked professional and was ready to go. 






























The second editor I tried out was Wix. I loved Wix from the start. I found wix to be the easiest to customize layouts of all the editors. There was nothing overly techical it was just an easy to use WYSIWYG editor.






















The last editor I tried out was WordPress.  I did not like WordPress yet.  WordPress, of the three I tried, was by far the most difficult to navigate and create on. I said I did not like it yet because I can see LOVING WordPress in the future due to it's massive amount of design flexibility.  I am not skilled enough today to utilize all the features that WordPress has to offer, but I can definitely see it being the only tool I would choose in the future once I have acquired the necessary skills. If you want a video tutorial on WordPress go to youtube and search, but be warned many are over 1 hour long.





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